Gianluigi Maria Masucci

Gianluigi's research is carried out through daily working practices that start from the observation of a subject and is directed to the creation of a universe of multimedia signs which stems from the combination of material collected from the reality (Archive) and his body. By combining different areas of expertise such as the painting, video, drawing and photography, Gianluigi enhances his relationships with the selected subject by creating a dialogue between the body, the working space and the place in which the research takes place.

His work have been presented, exhibited or screened, among others, in MEP (Maison Européenne de la photographie), Topographie de L’art-Paris, Analix Forever Gallery-Geneve, Care of DOCVA-Milan, Merz Foundation-Turin, Madre Museum and Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (Pan Museum)-Naples, Station Beirut-Beirut, Swaebian Castel-Bari.

He collaborates with the gallery Analix Forever

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